At MWI we talk a lot about win/win partnerships. Sure, this is a “catch phrase” that is widely overused, I get that, but here we take it to heart and it shows. Every single client (or potential client) interaction we have is driven by this simple concept of win/win partnerships. The question we constantly ask ourselves is “if we are not constantly becoming better, as well as constantly making our clients better, than what’s the point?” This question is the engine that drives our passion for win/win partnerships; and all of our employees and clients see and feel the results of that day after day.

These win/win partnerships are built on four simple pillars. If any of these pillars are faulty or weak, the partnership falls. Our job is to maintain and strengthen these pillars to ensure our partnerships are not only solid, but reaching greater heights and successes month after month. The four pillars are as follows:


Goal Orientation



Communication: Our job is to always know what our clients’ greatest needs are and to make things happen accordingly. Through high quality, constant communication, our partnerships thrive. A few keys to our communication at MWI are consistence, responsiveness, transparency, expertise, honesty, and education.

Goal Orientation: Each one of our partnerships has it’s own distinct journey. Every client is different, their needs are different, their ambitions and goals are different. Our job at MWI is to map out our partners’ journeys the best that we can so that all along the way they are seeing great success. The way that we orienteer ourselves to ensure we are on the right path throughout this journey, is through thoroughly understanding and obsessing over our clients goals as a business. We take those goals, translate them into a digital marketing strategy, and prosper from there.

Execution: What good are goals and communication if the execution of the work is sub-par? The answer is no good at all. We recruit the best of the best to work on our team at MWI and our work speaks for itself, plain and simple. No one knows digital marketing better than our experts.

Accountability: Everything that we do at MWI has a checks and balances system. From our custom client planning meetings, to our monthly reports, we hold ourselves accountable for our clients’ success online. Partners of MWI get detailed reports each month (sometimes even more frequently, depending upon needs), that outline the work we’ve done the previous month, the successes we are seeing as well as the bumps in the road we are seeing, the data to back things up, and the plan of attack moving forward. We believe strongly in “returning and reporting” both internally and with our clients, to ensure our high standards are being met and that we are being the best we can be for ourselves and our clients.

We love what we do here, it is our passion. By taking the time and making the effort, we create win/win partnerships and as a result we thrive and our clients thrive; which is what it’s all about.