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If you’ve ever sat in on a sales training of any sort, you’ve most likely heard about the ABC’s of closing (Always Be Closing). The whole thing is well over-played and by now is very cliché, but nevertheless it is as good of advice as you can get when learning to close a deal. As is often the case with silly acronyms that are meant to teach a lesson, there is way more to the ABC’s of closing then what meets the eye. From the second a phone call, meeting, door approach, or whatever starts, a salesperson has to be closing. The way they stand is a close. The way they introduce themselves is a close. The influx that their voice has when the ask a question is a close. Literally every breath that a salesperson takes while in an “active sales situation” is a close in and of itself, and is leading to the next close and the next close after that which will in the end get the dotted line signed. You can see how very quickly a simple cliché has become quite complicated, so for you here I’ll narrow things down to 5 ways to close the deal.

1. Care

Have you ever been paid a compliment by someone that you can tell is not genuine, no matter how “kind” the words were that came out of their mouth? There are a lot of intangibles in interpersonal communication, what we call the “non-verbals”, that are more powerful than any word that can be said. The simple act of caring about the conversation you are having with a potential client, caring about them as a human being, caring about the product or service you are selling, etc. is first and foremost your best tool to close deals. If you are not sincere in caring about the entire process that you are undertaking as a salesperson, either figure out how to care or reconsider your job.

2. Be Confident

There is much more to being confident than simply saying that you’re confident. True confidence in something or someone comes from experiences that have instilled a trust and belief in that something or someone. I have sold a lot of products and services over the years, and no matter how much I study and train on how to be a great salesmen, if I don’t believe in or have confidence in what it is that I’m selling, none of that study or training is worth anything to me. Know, understand, and believe in what it is that you are selling. If you find it hard to do that, and you just have a good old fashioned pit in your stomach each and every time you startup your sales process, closing the deal is going to be a tough task to undertake.

3. Be the authority

I don’t know anything about cars. Honestly, I don’t really care to know anything about cars either. What I want is to get into my car every single day and have it work flawlessly. If something goes wrong with my car I don’t try to fix it, because I don’t care to or have any desire to, so I take my car to the car authorities over at my local car fixer guys place mechanic. When I get there I expect someone to tell me with authority what is wrong with my car and what I need to do to fix it, and I will happily pay some money to get my car back how I want it. If the guy that is supposed to be the car fixing authority seems to doubt himself or lack education on cars, this whole scenario can go to pot really quickly and confusion and stress ensue. When selling something, be the authority. Use words and phrases like “I know”, “There’s no doubt”, “What’s best for you is”, etc. These words, and the tones we use when saying them, carry with them an assumed authority. Words or phrases like “I’m pretty sure”, “maybe”, “I think”, etc. are words burdened with doubt and assume a lack of knowledge and authority. Focus on using positive, confident words and tones when selling, and the closes will come.

4. Sell Exclusivity

By nature, we humans always want what we can’t have. We are not interested in having the same thing that everyone else has, as much as we are interested in having or being a part of something unique and valuable. Don’t be afraid to tell potential clients “we’re pretty picky with who we’ll work with” or “this product isn’t for everyone, we’re really looking for those that will get the most out of it”, or something along those lines. The real trick here is to mean what you say, and to not be afraid to accept when a potential client is simply not the right fit for your product or service. Create exclusivity as you sell, and clients will close themselves.

5. Be Sincere

Never be afraid to be sincere with a potential client. As a salesperson it is your job to increase people’s quality of life by selling them your products and services, and although many a snake oil salesmen has tried to ruin things for those of us that genuinely care about people’s needs and well being, honestly and sincerity can and will prevail. If you know how much your service or product will benefit your potential client tell them tell them sincerely (not desperately) just that. If you really want to work with a client because you think they or their product are cool, tell them that. If you think that selfishly your business will be better off as a result of working with a potential client, tell them that. Use the word “look” to set up a sincere statement or close, and then tell the client what you’re genuinely thinking. e.g. “Look, we are always looking for great partnerships with clients, and I see limitless potential in a partnership between our companies. I have no doubt that both of us are going to come out of this partnership better, and if you give us a shot, I know you won’t regret it.” Again, the key here is to mean it. If you mean what you say and you can speak “real talk” with clients, in a sincere way, the close will come naturally and both parties will feel good about getting started.

These are just 5 of countless tips in how to get deals closed. Focus on each one of them individually, and also how they tie together collectively, and deals will close in ways they haven’t before.